Clash Royale Game – the most popular mobile game

The best mobile games are those that have a simple concept but a layered, interesting game play which keeps the player engrossed and wanting more. When Supercell, the developer and distributor of the famous game Clash of Clans, released a new game called Clash Royale in 2016, people were very dubious even after reading countless good Clash Royale game reviews. Clash of Clans was uninspired to say the least and gamers like me were scared that the Clash Royale game reviews simply weren’t true.

Most popular mobile game

Clash Royale Game

However, the reviews showed that Clash Royale exceeded a lot of people’s expectations. A sister franchise of Clash of Clans, this freemium, strategy game includes a lot of fun elements and is an absolute delight to play. As Clash Royale game reviews explain, this is a combination of collectible card games, multi player online battle arena, and tower defense. What more could you possibly want?

Clash Royale is played with a deck of 8 cards which the player chooses as their battle deck. The cards could be rare, common, epic, and legendary and the total number that you can own is 48. The three kinds of cards are spell, troop, and building. The players have to send out troops which are represented by the cards at the bottom of the screen. These cards all have different elixir costs. Spell and building cards also cost elixir. The elixir regenerates over time much like in other games. Each card has a specific weakness or strength and it is fun to learn which one does what over the long run. In game play terms, Clash Royale is basically a two lane multiplayer battle game.

The best part about Clash Royale is that it’s free and all you need is an internet connection to engage in quick, crazy battles. The last minute of the battle is the best one. When one sixty seconds are left, the players’ elixir starts recharging very fast and so you can engage in last-minute frantic throwing of units and making reckless attacks. The chaos and nail-biting element of the game sets it apart from Clash of Clans which although set in the same world, is slow and can get boring.
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As soon as it was globally released, Clash Royale became the top-grossing, most downloaded app on the US iOS App store. The best part about this game as a lot of Clash Royale game reviews also suggest is that it has a lot of gripping content which will keep the player occupied for weeks or even months. It is the right amount of action and strategy mixed with crazy fun.